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Do three things consistently and well...they:








I know...I know... That might not sound
groundbreaking but let's zoom in on it.

It's not as easy as it looks.

Let's just take the first one for instance... Do you know how many people/guests you need per month to grow? Well, the average attrition rate is between 20%-40%.This means if you're a halfway house program of 6 then at least of 3 your people will transition out in the next month. From relapse-to finding love in all the wrong places or, maybe 2 will...and it's not from a split or a problem that might arise. That's just standard attrition from moving, job or life changes, preference, etc. So, if you want to grow you have to get more people than are leaving from attrition.
Here's where it gets sticky.

Keith Humes - Open Up A Halfway House -

Most programs aren't getting enough visitors to replace what they lose from attrition.

Keith Humes - Open Up A Halfway House -

I just consulted with an operator last week from Chicago and she said, "I’m excited because we have a few visitors every month!" I didn't want to burst their bubble but I said, "Do you know your attrition rate?" After we crunched the numbers we discovered they were in fact growing...but not by much...This housing program of 12 was only growing by 1-2 people a year after we factored in attrition...They wanted to break the "30 barrier" but at their current rate it would take 12-20 years! The problem is simple...not enough outreach. See, you might need more first-time guests at your housing program than you think to really get sustainable growth.

If you're a housing program of 4 bedrooms (8 tenants) and you want to grow into a 5-4 bedroom houses in a year, you'll probably need 50-75 visitors to achieve that goal.'s the GOOD NEWS!

It's totally possible to turn up the volume on your first-time guests and it isn't rocket science.

Combination Lock

I've put together a comprehensive training that will equip you with the strategies and tactics we used at my housing program to bring in 5, 10, or even 20 visitors on a monthly basis. It's a combo of courses, coaching, and community that's already helped hundreds of halfway house operations. I've been getting great reports from owners using the strategies I teach! Recently a young couple reached out to me & they let me know they went from 3 to 10 residents in one month after starting their Facebook and Craig’s list ads like they learned in the Master Mind class. So cool! This program is called The Agents of Change (My Secret Sauce Strategies)

...If you're not familiar with Agents of Change, sign up NOW!!

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