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22 Strategies for 2023 - Gif Guy Moving - Keith Humes - #keithhumes - #openupahalfwayhouse

๐ŸŽฏ 22 Successful
Strategies for 2024


By Keith Humes ๐Ÿฅ‡


๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป I know...I know... That might not sound
groundbreaking but let's zoom in on it.

It's not as easy as it looks!

Let's just take the first one for instance. Do you know how many people an or guests you need per month to grow in a halfway house? Well, the average attrition rate is between 20%-40%. This means if you're a halfway house program of 6 then at least of 3 your people will transition out in the next month. From relapse-to finding love in all the wrong places or, maybe 2 will...and it's not from a split or a problem that might arise. That's just standard attrition from moving, job or life changes, preference, etc. So, if you want to grow you have to get more people than are leaving from attrition.

Here's where it gets sticky....


Most programs aren't getting enough visitors to replace what they lose from attrition. ๐Ÿค”

What Is Attrition Rate?

I just consulted with an operator last week from Chicago and she said, "I’m excited because we have a few visitors every month!" I didn't want to burst their bubble but I said, "Do you know your attrition rate?"


๐Ÿ“‰ After we crunched the numbers we discovered they were in fact growing, but not by much. This housing program of 12 was only growing by 1-2 people a year after we factored in attrition. They wanted to break the "30 barrier" but at their current rate it would take 12-20 years!


The problem is simple...not enough outreach. See, you might need more first-time guests at your housing program than you think to really get sustainable growth.

If you're a housing program of 4 bedrooms (8 tenants) and you want to grow into a 5-4 bedroom houses in a year, you'll probably need 50-75 visitors to achieve that goal. ๐ŸŽฏ


Graph and Statistics - 22 Strategies - Keith Humes - #keithhumes - #openupahalfwayhouse -'s the GOOD NEWS!
It's totally possible to turn up the volume on your first-time guests and it isn't rocket science.

Here's a sneak peek โฌ‡๏ธ

"The Most Important Strategy" 

MARKETING ๐Ÿ“ˆ a: the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market. b: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. In order to sustain your business, serve your clients, and make an impact on your community you need to market your business. Recovery Home marketing can take a lot of effort and a lot of money, but it doesn’t need to in order to be effective.

Make sure you have a professional website. Your website will serve as your #1 marketing tool when people are searching for recovery homes in your area, or when treatment centers/health programs are looking for where to refer their patients. Your website is a critical component of your Recovery homes marketing efforts! Your website should have:

โœ… Your contact information
โœ… An interest form to capture leads
โœ… Information about your program requirements
โœ… Success stories
โœ… Photos of your house, and a list of amenities

If you don’t have a website yet, let us know and we can help! Halfway House Mastermind Training is now developing marketing services for Recovery & Transitional homes.

Create an online presence to capture reviews of your Recovery house. When people are searching for a recovery home, whether for themselves or a loved one, they want to make sure they find a program that has been well reviewed. So, if you don’t have a way for your alumni clients to review your recovery house, then you won’t be able to share how awesome your program really is. You can create a google business page or yelp business page in order to start building your reviews, and help people searching for a great recovery program like yours. If you don’t have an online presence yet, let us know and we can help! Halfway House Mastermind Training is now developing marketing services for Recovery homes.

Becoming NARR certified in your state is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Being NARR certified or an equivalent certification (depending on your state) might also become a requirement in order to operate your business in certain areas. We are seeing more and more states, counties, and cities require some sort of certification in order to be approved as a recovery home business.

At Halfway House Mastermind Training we have a strong relationship with many NARR affiliates across the country, and would be happy to connect you with your local NARR program. Being a certified Recovery home is also another great way to stand out from the crowd, and let referral sources and individuals searching for your services know you are a reputable recovery home program.

The journey to recovery is complex because there are many disciplines involved. Helping your clients grow with life skills will help them reach their recovery goals for the long run. Helping your clients with life skills like: budgeting, job searches, resumes, and healthy lifestyle habits like exercise will make a huge impact on your clients lives and community at large.

Providing life skills as part of your recovery home program will add more value to your clients, which in turn can make your clients referral sources due to them sharing the good feedback about their experience at your home. At Open Up A Halfway House we are always looking to provide more value to our community. With life skills we are currently working on helping you provide finance and budgeting tools for your clients. If you have any ideas on any life skills, you’d like Open Up A Halfway House to help with, please let us know!

Building awareness for a sober living is critical to the ongoing success of a home. With the plethora of knowledge and choices that are available on the internet, it is truly difficult for an individual seeking a sober living home to sift through and find exactly what they are looking for. That is why creative marketing strategies can be effective in building awareness of your supportive housing home in your community.

The price element refers to the way you set prices for your rents. It should include all the parts that make up your overall cost, overhead such as light, water, gas, and rent (whether renting or mortgage). The cost of a sober living home varies a lot. States that regulate these facilities require a maximum number of residents, often fewer than 10. These facilities are houses located in quiet neighborhoods, although they may sometimes be in apartment buildings. Cost largely depends on the mortgage for the home and the average rent in the area. Renting a room in a sober living home is similar to renting an apartment, but with more community involvement.

This means that some sober living homes have low rents, like $450 a month, while some sober living homes in popular areas have notoriously high rents. A sober living home in West Los Angeles – a very affluent neighborhood – was found to have rent listed at $10,000 per month. However, the people who are attracted to this form of living expect a lot of space and amenities including pools, personal chefs, massage therapists, and more. The real estate website Zillow offers advice on mortgages for a sober living home and covering costs with rent.

Average rent for a four-bedroom sober living home, for example, should be $900 per room per month, which may legally be broken down into two people per bedroom (dorm-style) for $450 per month per person.
This example is a home in Laguna Hills, California, a popular Southern California suburb. State, county, and city governments are increasingly regulating sober living homes, so they meet specific standards. In the past, these facilities have had problems with exploitation. For example, poorly maintained and monitored homes charged $1,800 per person in 2002, which, even in Southern California, was far too much money and out of keeping with average rents in the area.

Promotion refers to all the activities and methods you use to promote your housing business to your target market. It includes sales, public relations, direct marketing, advertising, sponsorship and social media. Since promotion costs can be substantial, it is sensible to conduct a return on investment analysis (ROI) when making promotion decisions. Firstly, you need to establish who your target market is, what media they consume, what the cost of that media will be, how many more sales you need to cover your investment and how you will gather the information that shows how the promotion has worked. Putting up flyers in public places, in AA (alcoholic anonymous).

The place element refers to how you get your product or service to your customers at the right time, at the right place, and in the right quantity. It includes distribution channels (e.g., via a shopfront, online or a distributor), location, logistics, service levels and market coverage.

For example, if you’re thinking of expanding your business online, you’ll need to think about how your customers use the internet, if they would feel comfortable purchasing your goods online and if they would be willing to pay shipping costs for your products. If you’re looking to grow your business, you might consider changing or expanding the way you sell your products and services. For example, if you’re a homewares distributor, you might think about setting up a new store in a different location or offering franchises.

The people element refers to your customers, yourself and your staff. You need to consider both your staff and customers if you’re thinking of growing your business. It includes understanding what your customers’ needs and wants are, setting targets and measuring your customer service levels so that you attract and keep loyal customers. You’ll also need to consider staff training so they have the skills to offer the best experience and meet customer expectations.


If you are wondering where to even begin, give us a call @


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22 Strategies For 2024 - by Keith Humes - Open Up A Halfway House - #openupahalfwayhouse - #doxidonut - #keithhumes -

By Keith Humes

22 Successful
Strategies for 2024

๐Ÿ† I've put together 22 strategies for 2024 that will equip you with the tactics we used at my housing program to bring in visitors on a monthly basis. It's a combo of courses, coaching, and community that's already helped hundreds of halfway house operations. I've been getting great reports from owners using the strategies I've shared.

Recently a young couple reached out to me & they let me know they went from 3 to 10 residents in one month after starting their Facebook and Web SEO like they learned in the Master Mind class. So cool! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Download your FREE copy of my 22 "Secret Sauce" Strategies that will elevate your program and business for year 2024.  โฌ‡๏ธ


Download my "22 Strategies for 2023"

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