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Keith Humes - Open Up A Halfway
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S  T  R  A  T  E  G  I  E  S


Comprehensive Guide To Opening Up A Halfway House

Keith Humes is the Halfway Group Founder and Guru who has developed a comprehensive guide on opening a successful halfway house. 

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How to have a sustainable halfway house by Keith Humes

✅ Instake & Assessments

✅ Treatment Planning

✅ Mentoring

✅ Case Management

✅ Life Skills Training

✅ Employment Assistance

✅ Structured Environment

✅ Peer Support

✅ Accountability

✅ Relapse Prevention

✅ Family Support

✅ After Care Planning

✅ Graduation

✅ How To Market A Halfway House

✅ Develop A Brand Identity

✅ Establish An Online Presence

✅ Leverage Social Media

✅ Build Relationships With Referral Sources

✅ Offer Educational Resources

✅ Track Your Success

✅ Sober Living Houses

✅ Transitional Living Facilities

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