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Build a Halfway House Business in 90 days with $0 down-payment

Your Amazon order has shipped!

Every week, this email hits millions of inboxes around the world, more so during the holidays. Chances are you've opened an email like this at least once or twice this year, even with the recession, and pandemic - and why wouldn't you?

Amazon and Jeff Bezos have built a business that makes getting the products you want to your doorstep easier than kids reading their ABCs. Simply click the orange button and you could have that slightly expensive panini maker shipped in little to no time at all.

But how often do we buy something off Amazon only to leave it in a storage unit somewhere in the house? More often than not, you would agree.

This week, skip the urge to make yet another purchase from Amazon and invest in yourself and your community at large by starting a Halfway House business - it's profitable, requires zero down-payment, you don't even need to own a house (I'd show you how to do this for FREE) and best of all - you will be helping people recovering from addiction or returning from prison, learn new skills as well as how they can function again in society.

I'm Keith Humes and if you have followed me for a while now, then you know that the Halfway House business has changed my life.

Now, I know it sounds mushy but I am one of those guys who think everything happens for a good reason, and for me, going through my jail experience and finding my feet again in life through the Halfway House business is something I believe I experienced so I can not only help people dealing with drug addiction or former prison inmates but I can also teach people looking to get into this business of helping people find their path again in life.

If you've ever wanted to own a Halfway House business whether for the financial benefit attached or for the love of changing lives on a daily basis, then I have put together a FREE Training for you.

Click here to start your journey as a Halfway House business owner for FREE. I'll start by teaching you all the basics and then we'll get on a call and get you set up for success.

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1 Comment

andrew Rally
andrew Rally
Feb 14, 2023

With a halfway house for inmates who need a room, what do you charge per person and who pays you?

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