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How Much Profit Can Be Made From A Halfway House?

Is There a Current Need for More Halfway Homes?

Do you own sizable property that can be converted to a halfway house? Do you currently make at least 100 thousand dollars per year? Do you have a passion for helping recovering addicts become independent after rehabilitation discharge?

Did you know that the opioid epidemic is rising? COVID-19 may be part of the problem.

A halfway house can be created for another reason, to help the incarcerated discharged from prison or jail for nonviolent crimes transition back into society.

Often, individuals addicted to drugs and or alcohol have completed their rehabilitation and are discharged back into the mainstream public. It is to their benefit that they move into a halfway house. The facility helps the recovering addict towards gradual and more complete independence and lowers the relapse risk.

Quality halfway homes are in demand, and we need more quality homes. We can help you established yourself in this industry. The financial benefits of owning a halfway house are great. However, the economic benefits are not the sole purpose of owning and operating a facility.

The most important service is to help individuals become more robust with a gradual increase in independence away from drugs, alcohol, or both. We believe you must have a desire and devotion to helping people recover. Even though a halfway house creates a financial benefit for you, this reason sits low on your priority list of creating a safe haven for recovering addicts. The economic benefit must be recognized later and not as your sole purpose in life.

We find that there are too many facilities that are less than appropriate. These owners do not have the well-being of their clients at the top of their priority list. Quality, sober-living homes are in demand to provide the addict, under supervision, a safe transition to independent living without substance abuse.

What does a safe house do for recovering addicts?