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How to Start a Sober Living Home

What is a Sober Living Home?

Our main objective is to help entrepreneurs realize their goal of starting a lucrative sober living home. Although the income from a for-profit sober living home is substantial, it should never be a primary motive and purpose. Money needs to be at the bottom of the priority list. We teach that the well-being of clients entering a sober living home is the number one priority. The goal is to help clients regain a purposeful life away from drugs and alcohol.

If your passion is to do good in the community, have a property that can become a sober living home, and have at least a hundred thousand dollars, you may be able to see your plans through with our assistance and program for success.

Halfway Houses' vs. Sober Living Homes

  1. Usually do not require prior incarceration

  2. May not require that the client's incarceration

  3. May not require clients' participation in treatment plans

  4. Helps clients rejoin the workforce

  5. Helps clients regain self-esteem to become members of the community

  6. May or may not specify a time frame that the client must remain in the house

  7. Fees charged as rent to the client help to support the running of the home

A sober living house is a clean and quiet living environment for those leaving jail, those participating in outpatient programs, or seeking alternatives to formal treatment plans.

  1. Provides long-term support

  2. Does not offer formal treatment services

  3. Monitors health, safety, quality of life

  4. Urges group involvement

  5. Avoid drugs and alcohol in-house and outside the house.