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Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Prisons across the United States and internationally are putting into place early release programs for inmates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prison officials, government officials, and health department officials believe that early release answers the need to reduce prison overcrowding spurring immense spread of the COVID-19 virus. The spread of COVID-19 within jails and prisons are on the increase due to overcrowding. Well-behaved inmates with chronic health issues, and those who have complex medical diagnosis places them at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19 with complications including death.

These high-risk inmates are seeing their sentences reduced so early discharge can take place. Instituting an early release program helps to decrease overcrowding, thus decreasing the spread of COVID-19 because social distending is better utilized with less inmates. There are a few states and foreign countries that are initiating early release programs. However, there are not enough at this time. Many prisons are taking a second look at long-term inmates and what would be more beneficial to them, a transfer, or an early discharge. There are other issues factoring into thousands of early release inmates at high risk for contracting COVID-19 in prisons and jails, such as, 

  • Prisons are understaffed due to employees becoming ill with the COVID-19 Virus.

  • Decrease or elimination of programs

  • Isolation

  • Late meals due to being understaffed

  • Decrease in overall physical and mental health

  • Impossible social distending

Early release programs affect the following.

  • Releases from jails

  • Releases from prisons

  • Reduced jail admissions

  • Reduced paroles and probation

  • Reduced prison check-ins

  • Reduced or elimination of medical co-pays

  • Elimination or decrease in necessary prison reforms

  • Decreased time outside

  • Elimination of medical co-pays

  • Reducing visitors for inmates but increasing phone call and video contact while eliminating the fees attached

  • Reduced face to face and unnecessary parole check-ins, and probation visits to cut the risks of contracting COVID-19. 

  • Suspension of probation and parole fees

Prisons and jails are lowering admissions which shows positive snowball effects of a total prison population decrease thus increasing better medical care, social distancing, and increased outside time. Judges are taking a second look at non-violent and low-level crimes to help avoid prison or jail time.

How Halfway Houses Can Help These Individuals

Thousands of prison and jail inmates are being discharged into mainstream society every year. These inmates need help and support to transition back into society, family life, jobs, school, and more. After being incarcerated for many months or years, transitioning back into the populace is challenging and difficult for the once long-term inmate who showed excellent behaviors prompting an early discharge from prison or jail. This is where the services of a halfway house is sorely needed. There are not enough of the quality first halfway homes to meet the demand for transitioning inmates. Too many of these homes are not quality run because they place money ahead of the client. We are not saying that the income from these homes is not a good thing, because you still need to pay the bills, meet payroll, make an income, and keep running. We are saying not to put money as the number one priority.

Inmates come voluntarily to a halfway house or are court ordered to spend some time at a halfway house. It is in these homes that the inmate lives semi-independently and relearns all they need to for successful living after prison. The inmate requires much support, help, and encouragement during their transition to society. This support comes in the many different ways such as house managers demanding strict adherence to the rules and regulations set forth within the home. This inmate needs help filling out job applications, finding a job, balancing a checkbook, and much more. They learn how to take daily responsibilities for chores seriously, and relearn social involvement. They are expected to attend house meetings and therapy sessions with licenses and accredited counselors and learn to live in harmony with others. Visitations by family and friends are arranged and encouraged.

Through the efforts of quality halfway houses for prior prison inmates, life skills are relearned. Were it not for these wonderful transitioning homes, the inmate is at risk for continued crime involvement and eventually going back to prison. Without the help of halfway houses the client is at risk for failure. Many times, frustrations seep into the inmates' lives and they believe that it was better living in prison than being part of the outside world. Life after prison becomes too much of a challenge for them so they find a way to go back to jail. You can make a difference in their lives by opening up a halfway house for them. Speak with us and allow us to give you an experienced hand as you enter into a new journey in your life. 

Get Help Starting Your Halfway House Today

Helping people like you to start a halfway house is our expertise. We have been in business for many years and have seen many successful halfway homes open their doors. We are your guiding force and remain by your side from the very beginning. We teach you the business of owning, operating, and managing a quality halfway house for many different types of clients, including recently discharged prison or jail inmates. We make sure your business venture remains a successful, thriving, and growing company that adds to the strength of the community. We would love it if you access our website and get in contact with us so we can help you get on the road to a successful venture that helps everyone in your community. All we ask is that you have the deep devotion to help those less fortunate, have a fierce determination to succeed, and a unique drive to become all you can become so you can help these inmates who are given a second chance for a successful life.  

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A sisters hand housing
A sisters hand housing
05 de mar. de 2021

This was an eye opening experience for me and I believe this is my calling! Thank you for explaining exactly what will be needed of me

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