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Today, I want to talk to you about the concept of Unknown Unknowns.
As you’re pursuing opening your first Halfway House Program, there are strategies and lessons that are going to completely change where you end up: You might create new content for your marketing campaign to get an investor to give you your first house to start with that tweaks the one I help you create and boom -- now your phone is blowing up with options to choose from.

You might try out a new video format that incorporates a niche you haven’t even tried before and all of a sudden -- you’ve stumbled upon a new audience that loves you. You might try out a new editing technique that makes you realize that what you were doing before wasn’t working at all. All of these situations have one thing in common: it’s an Unknown Unknown that is responsible for a change.

An Unknown Unknown is something so unexpected...there’s absolutely no way you could have foreseen it. 
They’re like striking gold -- they are lightbulb “aha!” moments. These are the things you need to discover in order to find success.

The problem is...they’re unexpected. So, how do you even know where to look to find them?

Here’s where: It’s simple -- Unknown Unknowns can be found through people who have more experience than you. 
What’s shocking to you isn’t shocking to a Halfwayhouse veteran. What’s news to you isn’t news to an expert. What’s unknown to you is common knowledge to a mentor. If you can have a conversation with an expert, you immediately have access to years worth of lessons, mistakes, and experiences that they can share with you. It’s the fastest way to learn something without having to go through the trial & error of figuring it out yourself. I don’t believe in “magic pills” when it comes to pursuing opportunities , but I do believe that mentorship is the closest thing to a cheat code that there is. 

I know it can be tough to connect with an expert, let alone get personalized feedback from one...but that’s exactly why Elder Keith have been hosting free webinars this month for students like you to receive live feedback.

I want to point out things that are common knowledge to us...that we know will be impactful for you.


Openings are filling up fast!

We’re going to be hosting ONE last livestream -- after that, we’ll be focused 100% on the students that participate in the Halfwayhouse Mastermind program (applications are still open if you’re interested!).

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